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We are dedicated to the manufacture and sale of medical and aesthetic equipment, mainly focused in: ENT, gynecology, aesthetic medicine and minimal invasive surgery.

Microstar Microscope Series OM-100

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The OM-100 Microscope Series, has been designed to cover the various demand requirements, for diagnosis and therapeutic areas in many modern medical specialties, such as ENT, Plastic, Trauma, Neurological and Dental surgery and Ophthalmology.

This modular series, accepts beam splitters and Video Cameras. It allows digital image management, through the Endodigi software package for image administration and storage, with the medical record. These modules are easily installed. (Endodigi requires a Laptop or Desk PC, using Microsoft Windows program).

With superior optical quality, the OM-100 series offer high optical resolution, accuracy and focal range. All series include 5 magnifications (6, 10, 16, 25 and 40X).

The OM-100 W is wall-mounted, with a mobile arm for greater movement.

The OM-100 F has a modern designed base and column which provides easy mobility and a greater level of comfort for the physician, without committing its stability. The new WBS (Weight Balance System) provides smooth positioning and firm movements.

We provide 2 illumination options, a basic entry level unit with a double 150 W Halogen light source (Halolux 150 duo) and a 7-mm fiberoptic cable, and an adjustable mechanical diaphragm for providing continuous light intensity control, maintaining always the whiteness in the light color. A more advanced level includes a 180 watts Xenon light source, true white light and extremely bright.

With the addition of certain accessories (C mount converter and endocoupler), the light source and the videocamera of the video microscope, can be used to perform endoscopic procedures, avoiding the need of having a second video system in the office.

  • Straight / Inclined (Optional)
  • 200, 250, 300 and 400mm Objectives available.
  • 4, 6, 10, 16, and 25x, standard magnifications.
  • Wide angle ocular Q = 25mm.
  • Illuminated field from 75 to 145 mm.
  • Green filter (Orange optional).

Accesorios Opcionales:

  • Long pantographic arm (+ 25 cm)
  • Extension device for standard pantographic arm
  • Binocular rotating ring
  • Focal lens protectors
  • Sterilization covers kit
  • Beam splitter
  • Video Camera Procam (integrated connection into light source).
  • Stand for LCD monitor
  • C-mount converter to endocoupler for using the videocamera with endoscopes.
  • Adaptor for digital photographic camera
  • Adaptors for different brand of light guide cables
  • Endodigi Software, patient record, and imaging management software with full image digitalization capability.