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We are dedicated to the manufacture and sale of medical and aesthetic equipment, mainly focused in: ENT, gynecology, aesthetic medicine and minimal invasive surgery.


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Oxygen is essential to life and to skin health as well. At present, oxygen is considered a fundamental element for ANTI-AGING treatments and the most modern spas and beauty centers around the world are using it as a routine. Its widespread acceptance is mainly based on its quick results and its pleasant application.

Oxygen is known for its beneficial effects on burns treatments and its stimulating effect to blood circulation, and to metabolic activity and also for its bactericide properties .

O2xygénesis is a revolutionary system to oxygenate the skin and enhance all of its functions. It is an exclusive platform for skin and body oxygenation.

Treatment Benefits:

  • Increases pure oxygen contribution to skin cells.
  • Softens wrinkles, marks and thin lines (reaffirming and tonifying effect). The best alternative to the botulinum toxin injection.
  • Recovers the skin after sun exposure.
  • Revitalizes the skin accelerating cellular renewal.
  • Reduces irritation and post-peeling erythema (relaxing and decongestive effect).
  • Accelerates cellular repair processes.
  • Controls mild or moderate acne seborrheic secretion.